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Agarbattis are scented sticks that give out fragrant fumes when ignited. Since ancient times in India, incense sticks have been used to create an invigorating ambience and invoke the blessings of Gods. Still widely used in Indian prayers and ceremonies, these perfumed sticks are believed to be sacred. Available widely in infinite fragrances, agarbattis are rapidly replacing other harmful substitutes such as room fresheners, mood enhancers and aroma therapeutics.

Bhagvati Products established in the year 2001, is one of the leading producers of Natural Masala Incense sticks, Scented Perfumed Hexagonal Incense sticks, Cones & Perfumed Oils and other aromatic products based in Mumbai, India. A combination of refined raw materials and modern techniques produce an assortment of finest floral incenses such as Sandal, Lavender, Rose, Patchouli, Jasmine and Amber. Our company professionals and supervisors ensure that the quality of incense products are checked at every stage of production, whether it’s related to raw material or final dispatch of products.

With years of success with Bhagvati Products, Mr. Motilal Vasaviaya envisioned the launch of a new brand “Ppure” for establishing a premium range of Masala Incense Sticks, Masala Cones and Perfumed Oils. Today, the brand “Ppure” specializes in the production of Natural Masala Products using herbal extracts and pure essential oils, based on Aromatherapy techniques and traditional naturopathic principles. The initial guidance of Shri Motilalji (Mama), an experienced and known player in the incense market helped us to procure first hand orders from all over India. Gradually, the level of orders increased extensively due to which new production units were set up and innovative changes were made in all the operational areas of training, production and export handling. Striving to reach a level of customer satisfaction in every market, our company successfully exports quality aromatic products in USA, Australia, Chile, France, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom.
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